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Efficient Services To Protect Your Business Interests

When you are a business owner, protecting your business in a cost-effective manner when a dispute arises is vital to keep your doors open. There are many considerations here. Will legal representation cost more than it would to resolve the conflict on my own? How can I protect myself from similar problems in the future? Will a mediated settlement be considered as an admission of guilt and negatively affect my insurance rates?

I am not only an experienced attorney, but also a small business owner. I understand the challenges of running a business. I have been helping small, medium and large business owners for more 25 years. I can recommend cost-effective methods for resolving your dispute based on my legal knowledge and personal experience. I can serve as general counsel, as a business attorney or as a litigator. Most importantly, I know which of those approaches will most effectively serve your needs.

Controlling Costs And The Risks Associated With Commercial Disputes

Not every case will need to be litigated in court. In certain cases, alternatives such as mediation and arbitration are appropriate alternatives to a civil lawsuit. You can control costly litigation by considering the best possible strategy for your dispute.

As a lawyer, I have handled countless negotiations and can provide the counsel you need for the best approach to your situation for business and commercial law matters related to:

  • Commercial litigation, including the False Claims Act (FCA)
  • Construction litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Employer defense
  • Business formation and operation
  • Purchase or sale of businesses
  • Rental or lease agreements
  • Real estate development
  • Zoning, rezoning, and subdivision

I am also experienced with litigating federal matters, such defending employers involving the False Claims Act (FCA). A whistleblower represented by a large firm or the Department of Justice (DOJ) can be a formidable opponent, however, when necessary, I can network with other talented attorneys and professional experts to create a dream team defense to fight for your business.

Get Answers To Your Business And Commercial Law Questions

Call my office in Powhatan at 804-404-5412, or email me to schedule your initial consultation. With over two decades of experience helping clients, I have built a solid reputation for providing effective and efficient business and commercial law solutions in and out of the courtroom. I will answer your questions clearly and provide the advocacy your business requires.